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Snorkeling at Blue Lagoon

Snorkeling in Bali is a fun and adventurous activity worth trying. There are two interesting options for snorkeling during your Bali vacation: on the small islands around the island such as Nusa Penida where you will have the opportunity to see some amazing giant stingrays and on the east coast of Bali such as the Blue Lagoon which looks distinctive with its exotic black sand.

Blue Lagoon is one of the best snorkeling spots on the island of Bali. There you can dive to see beautiful coral reefs with swarms of colorful small fish as well as giant turtles and other marine animals. A visit to Bali’s east coast means you’ll have a perfect view of Mount Agung. Get ready for a memorable new experience.

Enjoy the whole morning exploring the diverse sea life and colorful reefs and coral, expect to see Angel fish, Nemos, Parrot fish, Butterfly fish, Lion fish, Stripped eels, Moray eels and so much more. Sometimes if you are lucky you’ll see a sea turtle. Kids can snorkel, swim or play on the beach, as can oldies or simply grab a coconut on the beach from the locals. For the more experienced and confident you can take a 5 minute boat around the point to Tanjung Jepun a bit deeper and famous dive and snorkel spot.

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